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Association of Former Pentecostals


Kara said...

The Archive box isn't showing any archives. I haven't been to your blog in a while, and I was hoping to read through the older posts.

G. said...

My ex-fiancé left me last week. I came home from work and half the furniture was gone and my unborn baby-girl was gone with her. I had been easing her away from a local (Canberra, Australia) pentecostal church but one thing that she did leave lying around my home was various pamphlets from her old church. I am left with debts, a broken heart and an empty house. Worst of all is that my father is in the final stages of dying from cancer. He was so looking forward to seeing the new baby when it came in a few weeks - it was keeping him alive. She left, knowing this... I can not tell him about her leaving this way.

I had heard that they preyed on the weak and vulnerable. While me and my ex were having troubles they were not irredeemable. Now I have lost her, lost my baby girl and I can only wonder what the pentecostals have done and will do...

Please keep writing about them. People need to know the truth.

Lutheran said...

G. said...
My ex-fiancé left.

You have my deepest symphaty and if I could, I would help you.

When life seems to be darkest, the light may be in the tunnel.

I have gone thru dark periods myself, but always found me stronger on the other side.

Lutheran said...

G. said...
My ex-fiancé left.

You have my deepest symphaty and if I could, I would help you.

When life seems to be darkest, the light may be in the tunnel.

I have gone thru dark periods myself, but always found me stronger on the other side.

非凡 said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Tarzan said...

Thanks \very much for your blog, I am an australian Lutheran Seminary student and have had experience in certain pentecostal communities and know full well the damage this form of religion can cause, not to mention the general anabaptist leanings and prosperity or complete lack of sacramental theology, ah the joys.

God Bless

John said...

I went to a Pentecostal church, after 5 minutes I wanted to run because I thought I was amongst a bunch of devils!!! I noticed that a woman, the pastor's wife, was handing boxes of cleenex as people entered the church. People goo into trances, everybody prays aloud at the same time different prayers. To sum it up: CRAZY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how old this post is but, but thank you for your work. I've been in a Assemblies of God Church for about 2 years and have not prayed in tongues. I constantly feel the pressure to do it but I don't feel its God's will for me. Ive prayed about it and haven't felt impressed to do it. I see many things as you mentioned about the Pentecostals and Ive witnessed it first hand. The loud booming music, the almost trance like state at alter calls. It greatly worries me. I was very skeptical before attending the church and had a very negative view on pentecostals due to a family member who is very verbally abusive to me while claiming the Pentecostal beliefs and calling themsleves tru Christian. After 2 years attending, I feel like Ive maybe been sucked into it a bit. But there are times in church where im sitting through a rather strange service and my consious asks me if this is really the right church. I attended a Lutheran church this last Christmas eve and enjoyed it so much. I didnt even notice that you had mentioned you are now Lutheran until after reading all the blogs. But it prompted me to leave a comment to you about Lutherans. I feel some connection somehow to this Lutheran church even though Ive only attended one time. Could you tell me about what it was like to go from a Pentecostal church to a Lutheran? Thanks for taking the time to read all Ive wrote.

Rachel said...

I laughed so hard when I read this one. My sides hurt. Anyway, I often wondered as to the reason so many preachers are fat asses. I was told that bother so and so has a thyroid problem and it was not nice to make fun of fat people.

Observations: 1) brother so and so has had this problem for YEARS. What about taking medication or how about getting healed? 2) as I watch brother so and so lumber up to the food line, I see he has one plate for food and one for the deserts (nothing green on this plate except the design of the plate) 3) as brother so and so preaches, he gets really red in the face and the persperation is just streaming off this hog. Now as a new saint of God, I wonder is this the image we want to project? Why am I having this reacuring image of budda in my head?

Hannah said...

Hello there,

Currently, I am cast as the daughter of a Pentecostal Preacher who faces a lot of psychological damage due to the shelter and restrictions of her faith and family. While the show also documents another girl's battle with Dystonia, one of the main themes we explore is how a faith could potentially prey on a person in their most vulnerable state, especially adolescent women. The show is called CROOKED and is presently being rehearsed with Rivendell Theater Ensemble. In formation can be found at this link.

I was wondering if you knew of any Chicago- based Former Pentecostal groups or individuals who might be interested in attending the show and/or participating in a post-show discussion panel.

Your response is appreciated.

All the best,