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Arminian Holiness In Politics

Arminian Holiness In Politics


For those of us well read in history and politics, this concept will be more or less easily grasped; I call this the Second Law of Human Nature.  It is absolute.

The Second Law of Human Nature

All politics is the Implementation of Religious Belief.

Perhaps, to emphasize this, I would add, “Without Exception.”


The Evil Arminians and Evil Holiness Movements

All politics is the implementation of Religion, although perhaps very few understand this.  Given this Law of Humanity, there are a couple of evil religious ideas that are implemented within politics which proceed from these Two Evil Systems.


These delusional people believe in a “Second Work of Grace” in that they are sanctified and holy and no longer sin.  Thus, you get strange outgrowths of this movement such as abstaining from strong drink, smoking, dancing, mixed sex swimming, ridiculous dress codes, etc.  

What does all this have to do with politics?  As I said politics is the implementation of religion.  So, we have laws against minors drinking, laws against public drinking, laws about serving of alcohol, wet counties, dry counties, prohibition of alcohol in certain places, and the list goes on.  


The doctrine of salvation from these heretics maintains that you must repent of your sins to accept the salvation offered to you from God.  It also has a strange idea that takes up central stage: apostasy.  What is apostasy?  It is the falling away of a believer into damnation.  The idea is that anyone can slip up and make mistakes and end up in Hell.  Most people think this strange - losing salvation, and repentance to accept God’s Grace.  Yes, it is strange, and it is harmful.

What does all this have to do with politics?  It means that good people can slip up and turn evil and we have to be on constant vigilance lest we fall in to the traps of the devil and end up in hell.  Can you smell the political fallout from this?  Certain sectors of the population, after an unfortunate event, are written off as hopeless.  How many politicians were written off just because they slipped up and banged their secretary perhaps once and with the same woman?  How many people are written off because they slip up and say something politically incorrect, like the N-word, something deemed sexist, or even slightly offending?  So, they slip up and we cast them into the outer darkness of hell for all eternity like a bunch of religious nuts?  

Yes, we are a nation of religious freaks who think we are being “secular,” but we are so ignorant of history, religion, and so self-unaware, that we are almost purely driven by religion!

Corollary of a secular society: The more a society attempts to purge itself of religion, the more fanatically religious it because since the religious impulse us primal and unconscious with the so-called secular people.

Evil Combo

What is the most evil forms of these two?  The combination: Armenian Holiness.  When religion combines the idea of purification of a person without sin, and with the Armenian doctrine of Easy Apostasy, you get sick movements that claim if you drink at all, you are going to hell.  And, that is just once instance of Sick Demented Christianity.  Other outgrowths of this are cult leaders that claim if you slip up and disobey the cult leader, you are kicked out, and then you are really going to Hell, you damned Apostate!


Now, you get the point.  The political implementation of these religious ideas are all around us.  When honest people change their opinions, they are declared apostates in politics.  When a guy gets pulled over for going 10 MPH over the speed limit, and gets a breathalyzer test, and gets arrested for being over the limit, and his life destroyed, you are experiencing these nasty religious doctrines implemented in politics. 

Remember this: religion is a primal, unconscious impulse like food, sex, and love.  You cannot - ever - purge yourself of religion.  

Thou shalt choose thy religion or thy religion shall choose thee!

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