Monday, April 18, 2016

Hilarious Anonymous Comment 20160418

Just received this comment from some anonymous person:

I happen to be a Apostolic Pentecostal. And am really offended by your blog. Remember this one saying Please "Why don't you take the plank out of your eye brother so you can clearly see the speck in mine" But I'm just a man who wishes to read the Bible. To know the truth. And we Apostolic Pentecostals seek the truth. Do agree with me that the Holy Bible as written with no text taken out is truth? Do you agree with the term "Thou shall not judge" is truth? Do you know who the judge is? Not me, Not you. But GOD. Humbly I work in the field of Psychology, And I have seen Clinically Diagnosed Insanity.But what I happen to know by the grace of GOD is, This truly is not insanity. Its the Holy Spirit, Its biblical. And its in the Bible. I rest my case. on Pentecostalism and Insanity

A couple of smart-ass comments from me...

  • Those accused of a crime go in front of a judge, and sometimes a jury - to be - wait for this - to be judged!
  • Apostolic Pentecostals seek the Truth?  Yeah, agree with everything the so-called pastor says, and that is the Truth they seek!
  • So, this guy is also broadcasting to the world that he is humble.  A great sense of humility you have, brother!
  • Nobody really cares if something is "biblical."  When you mix a redneck and the Bible, you get insanity and BS.  The redneck can scream and holler all he wants from quoting scripture, but he will still be a fool, and lost.  Screaming rednecks cannot be taught, and are thus, lost.
  • Go ahead an continue "reading your Bible" with your redneck preacher screaming scripture into your ears from the loudspeakers.  You will never hear the voice of God, because you will not listen anyway, and neither will your redneck Pentecostal ignorant preacher.
  • You belong to a poor, and ignorant, and low-class religion for rednecks, vile people, and the unwashed underclass.  (And such were some of us!)

Have a nice day!


Melanie said...

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Maurice Smith said...

Lighten up people! Dont like the church u attend quit and go find another one thats more suitsble for you and your culture!😃

Maurice Smith said...

Lighten up people! Dont like the church u attend quit and go find another one thats more suitsble for you and your culture!😃

Michael Marquez said...

I am Pentecostal in belief and practice... but not Oneness Pentecostal. My heart is heavy for those caught up in the web of Oneness Pentecostalism. If you study their theology you will see it is ultimately Cultic. Central biblical truths are denied by this group. That said, there are those in that movement which do not adhere or agree with the extremes of Oneness. And I believe those people are saved. But if you go to the extremes of their belief, your soul could be in jeopardy. My prayer is that people get delivered from this group and it's legalism and know Jesus according to the all the Word of God, not just a few selected texts. There is help for those who have been hurt by this movement. There are also resources available which will provide answers.

Apostolic Critic Babe said...

This made my day.

LeviJay said...

I'm hoping he sent his comment through his phone, much like I'm doing now, otherwise there is no excuse for a so called psychologist to have such horrible grammar.

DPR567 said...

Pentecostal/Apostolic teachings in no way, shape or form remotely comes from the bible! Ask a pentecostal preacher what he believes and he will give a half-assed answer.

John said...

Pentecostal or not (and I am), I think the following should have some relevance to this discussion ... a lot of relevance in fact: "John 13:34 King James Version (KJV)
34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another....... Now I do not care whether you are Pentecostal, Apostolic, Methodist, Atheist, or whatever your faith preference is because I know that God is no respecter or persons and meets ever living human being at their point of their understanding of Him. Therefore, I find it unprofitable to engage in downplaying, demeaning or saying hateful things against anyone who is striving to seek God. God Himself tells every living soul, "Seek Me and ye shall find me." Let's do more loving, friends ... more loving and a lot less judging.