Friday, January 01, 2016

Sermon on 2016

Sermon on 2016

Sail on!  For we were born explorers!

Reach up thy grasp for that’s what the heavens are for!

My son, you have come a long way!  You are growing fast.  You are almost a man.  You are strong, handsome, and intelligent - all the powers you need to succeed in this life - in fact, more than the powers you need!  The Gods have smiled on you thus far, now consider them as wind in your sails.  

Sail on!  For we were born explorers!

The Gods have given you two things, above all else, keeps our line alive and thriving (1) Strength and (2) Beauty.  The statues in Greece and Rome were not there for decorations and being pretty.  The statues are there to make men and women more beautiful.  We have beautiful statues to thank for beautiful people.  Statues are spiritual objects that point us up to things above us to an Ideal.  They keep us reaching up.  Always keep the statues near you.  The heretics will tell you they are idols.  But, Fear Not!  For the heretics eat the bitter pill of despair, chaos and aimlessness for lack of a map and rudder.  Keep these heretics at a distance, and keep the statues close! 

Sail on!  For we were born explorers!

Spirituality my son shall steer thee to the Ideal of which you were born.  Think not about the lies of the heretics who come to thee with Siren words of fear, desperation, and terror, for these are the Devil’s children - born to speak lies, lick your ears, and lulls thee to a sleep of nothingness.

No, for Spirituality is within the Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit together, and never separate.  Never forget that the Body is an outward expression of the inner Spirit.  The weak, obese, and decrepit are never Spiritual (Our Lord called them the Poor in Spirit), and the beautiful and strong always have Spirit (even if they do not know it) - never allow ideology to make you think otherwise! 

Your Spirit connects to the trees around you and to the wild animals.  You Spirit connects you to the weather, the air, the Sun, and the rain.  The movements of the clouds shall move your Spirit.  

Breath!  Breath my son, is the physical expression of the Spirit par Excellence!  Observe your breath.  Breathe deeply.  Observe the combustion of oxygen within your system - this is the meter of your Spirit.  Secondly, your heartbeat - you must feel your heartbeat at all times.  Never be in a state where you cannot feel the blood flow through your body - at rest and during movement!  Both!  Especially at rest!  The heretics know nothing of this, but you do, my son!

Sail on!  For we were born explorers!

Kill the fear!  Fear brings on paralysis, and paralysis is Death.  Life is motion.  Life is movement.  We live in the safest world since the dawn of time.  We have nothing to fear.  We are protected in all things, yet we still Fear.  50% of us shall reach the age of 75, yet we still Fear!  We may drive at speeds of 70, and crash, and still survive because we are protected with engineered safety devices, yet we still Fear.  We wear life jackets when on water, yet we still Fear.  We have the cheapest food of all time, yet we still Fear.  

No!  Fear is an illusion.  Prophets of Doom preach fear to profit from you.  Fear sells!  False prophets will damn you to Hell, burning with Fire and Brimstone for all eternity!  Yet, no man knows what awaits beyond the grave, and all are liars who pretend to know!  All are prophets of hate and despair who pretend to know!  All are prophets of Fear, who seek your riches in money, beauty, strength, and Spirit.  Never cast your pearls before the swine!  Prophets of Fear are swine!  They will drain you of energy, and bring you to a living death, all for the sake of using your gift for their advancement, and then move on to the net victim when you are a lifeless shell.  

Kill the Fear!  Never watch the news, nor listen to the Siren call.  Never!  These prophets of Fear  profit on thy energy and passion, and redirect it toward themselves, and away from you.  Every false passion that arouses you on the news is less passion for your exploring!  Never forget this, my son!

Breathe!  Live!  Life is in the breath.  Breath creates life.  Breathe deep every waking day out of bed.  

Sail on!  For we were born explorers!

Keep moving.  Keep breathing.  

The Body

There are two forms of exercise, and only two: Resistance and Cardiovascular.  Perform adequate amounts of these every week, and never fail in this!  Spirituality is also expressed in the physical, and thus, the ritual of physical exercise will be in many ways a prayer or a sacred ritual.   The Body is the Mind and the Mind is the Body - never think they are separate!  Never!

The Mind

Creativity and resourcefulness comes from the mind.  Often this comes with the body in motion to create mindfulness.  Never believe that you can have a decrepit body and a sound mind.  This is impossible!  Every decrepit body has a defective mind also.  No exceptions!  

Never lose your creativity.  Keep it flowing everyday.  Open the fountain of creativity every day.  Make it a river of live flowing in unlimited amounts!  Open a blank page and begin moving the pen, even if nothing comes to mind - move your body, move the pen, and the creativity will flow!  It is like a faucet that needs to be opened to being the flow.  

This is the mind!

The Heart

We connect with others on an animal level.  Nobody chooses - our Lizard Brain chooses.  Bad judgement in matters of the heart come from a defective Lizard Brain not tutored in the ways of the world.  Experience shall instruct the Heart.  Exposure shall increase its knowledge.  

The Heart of drama is the stories we tell.  Others want to hear stories.  Action is another.  We move with those whom we love.  Stories and movement- these are the key!  Move together and tell stories of all together!  This is the Heart!  

No better instruction of the Heart is Travel.  Travel to a foreign place if possible.  Move away from your native land for at least a year - two if possible.  The Odyssey is real.  You cannot become a man without an Odyssey.  Nobody respects any man who has not been on an Odyssey.  Travel and adventure - find your Odyssey.  This instructs the Heart in proper measure of others, and gives wisdom in determination of friend, foe, and acquaintance.  Those who have never left their native land for a time are extremely blind, and lack a depth of spirit unavailable otherwise.

Sail on!  For we were born explorers!

The Spirit

In the ancient languages, Spirit comes from breath.  It is zest.  It is the life force.  It is the push.  It is the antidote to the poisons we all face.  Remember the breath!  Stretch the body for spreading the combustion of oxygen to as many organs as possible.  Light the fire of oxygen throughout the body.  This is Spirit!  Remember all false religions take away breath and life.  True religions bring life, and life more abundantly!

Sail on!  For we were born explorers!

Live!  Live in 2016!


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